Synergy Intelligence is dedicated to providing investigative support in pro bono litigation. Utilizing an extensive array of technological resources, as well as an ever-expanding network of professional contacts, SIH works alongside respected attorneys in complex cases. Synergy adheres to the highest standards of investigative work in order to fortify the defense of indigent clients.

In 2007, Synergy partnered with the prestigious law firm Davis Polk & Wardell in a case leading to the successful exoneration of a wrongfully convicted man. Following a successful retrial, the client was released after spending five and a half years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In late 2009, the law firm secured an award of nearly $1.8 million for their client’s lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of liberty and emotional distress. This was the third-highest amount ever awarded for wrongful conviction in New York State. Additionally, Synergy assisted another internationally recognized law firm in conjunction with the Innocence Project to free two individuals who were both wrongfully convicted of murder after a detective badgered an eye witness into reporting false information.