Case Study 1

Retained by a London-based investigative firm to identify all assets and real property controlled by an individual, Synergy Intelligence conducted extensive due diligence to gather crucial information for litigious purposes.


  • Synergy confirmed the ownership and sale of several properties associated with the individual.
  • We provided details such as sale price, type, and date of transaction.
  • We conducted additional research into corporate entities associated with the individual, revealing critical information regarding the full extent of the individual’s assets.

Case Study 2

Synergy Intelligence was contacted by a New York-based law firm to perform an asset search on a well-known Brooklyn restaurateur.


  • Synergy performed an extensive search of property records and media, leading to the discovery of previously unknown real estate owned by the subject.
  • With this discovery, we provided vital information for our client in their attempt to file a judgment against the subject.