Case Study 1

A leading national law firm retained Synergy to investigate the backgrounds of an opposing litigant’s employees.


  • The employees had executed a nation-wide opinion survey that was being presented to the Court as scientific.
  • Synergy discovered that a large percentage of the workers who executed the survey were teenagers with part-time jobs or individuals with criminal records.
  • Ultimately, Synergy’s report was cited by the judge as persuasive evidence of the lack of the survey’s professionalism.

Case Study 2

In a nationally known case, a particular model of car was accused of having a design flaw for which the automaker had been held responsible.


  • Synergy researched the original article that created the popular perception and identified people within that company
  • We spoke with the past employees on the record about the article and ultimately proved that the article was inaccurate
  • After years of litigation, our findings directly led to a ruling in our client’s favor