Case Study 1

A European based multi-national conglomerate hired Synergy Intelligence to investigate a company they were considering acquiring. 


  • Synergy found, over the course of the investigation, that several principals had been involved in a corporate accounting scandal at the target entity’s parent company.
  • We recommended and implemented a structured plan to acquire the subsidiary business in light of these findings.

Case Study 2

A financial services firm hired Synergy Intelligence to research the principals behind a proposed investment.


  • Synergy visited the courts where the principals lived, researched their litigious backgrounds, and discovered a criminal case against an individual’s wife.
  • We found allegations of violence and a restraining order against the individual that would not have been uncovered in a formulaic online search or without expanding the scope of our work.
  • The deal, as a result, was cancelled. 

Case Study 3

The private equity arm of a large, multinational financial services firm retained Synergy Intelligence to investigate an executive whom they were considering hiring to run a portfolio company.


  • Our investigation discovered that three of the executive’s former companies had filed for bankruptcy protection after his term at their respective helms.