Case Study 1

Retained by a London-based investigative firm to identify all assets and real property controlled by an individual, Synergy Intelligence conducted extensive due diligence to gather crucial information for litigious purposes.


  • Synergy confirmed the ownership and sale of several properties associated with the individual.
  • We provided details such as sale price, type, and date of transaction.
  • We conducted additional research into corporate entities associated with the individual, revealing critical information regarding the full extent of the individual’s assets.

Case Study 2

Synergy Intelligence was contacted by a New York-based law firm to perform an asset search on a well-known Brooklyn restaurateur.


  • Synergy performed an extensive search of property records and media, leading to the discovery of previously unknown real estate owned by the subject.
  • With this discovery, we provided vital information for our client in their attempt to file a judgment against the subject. 

Case Study 3

A European based multi-national conglomerate hired Synergy Intelligence to investigate a company they were considering acquiring. 


  • Synergy found, over the course of the investigation, that several principals had been involved in a corporate accounting scandal at the target entity’s parent company.
  • We recommended and implemented a structured plan to acquire the subsidiary business in light of these findings.

Case Study 4

A financial services firm hired Synergy Intelligence to research the principals behind a proposed investment.


  • Synergy visited the courts where the principals lived, researched their litigious backgrounds, and discovered a criminal case against an individual’s wife.
  • We found allegations of violence and a restraining order against the individual that would not have been uncovered in a formulaic online search or without expanding the scope of our work.
  • The deal, as a result, was cancelled. 

Case Study 5

The private equity arm of a large, multinational financial services firm retained Synergy Intelligence to investigate an executive whom they were considering hiring to run a portfolio company.


  • Our investigation discovered that three of the executive’s former companies had filed for bankruptcy protection after his term at their respective helms.

Case Study 6

Synergy was retained by a major investment firm to investigate the loss of millions of dollars from a reputable hedge fund at the expense of its investors.


  • Utilizing advanced forensic analysis of extensive financial documents, SIH uncovered information leading to the location of a former employee of the hedge fund who possessed crucial information.
  • SIH sent a representative to Switzerland to track down the employee in person and conduct thorough interviews.
  • This interview led to information imperative in our client’s case against the hedge fund executive responsible for defrauding his investors.

Case Study 7

A leading national law firm retained Synergy to investigate the backgrounds of an opposing litigant’s employees.


  • The employees had executed a nation-wide opinion survey that was being presented to the Court as scientific.
  • Synergy discovered that a large percentage of the workers who executed the survey were teenagers with part-time jobs or individuals with criminal records.
  • Ultimately, Synergy’s report was cited by the judge as persuasive evidence of the lack of the survey’s professionalism.

Case Study 8

In a nationally known case, a particular model of car was accused of having a design flaw for which the automaker had been held responsible.


  • Synergy researched the original article that created the popular perception and identified people within that company
  • We spoke with the past employees on the record about the article and ultimately proved that the article was inaccurate
  • After years of litigation, our findings directly led to a ruling in our client’s favor

Case Study 9

Synergy assisted an internationally recognized law firm in their work with the Legal Aid Society and the Office of the Appellate Defender in a criminal defense appeal. This appeal from the Legal Aid Society led to a three-year-long pro bono effort in which a team of lawyers won an acquittal on all charges in the jury trial of Lonnie Jones, a client who had been wrongfully convicted of murder in the second degree and sentenced to 37 years to life. Synergy Intelligence provided crucial support in locating and interviewing the eyewitness and associates. After extensive investigation, Synergy produced sufficient evidence proving that the prosecution’s sole eyewitness could not have seen the crime, leading to the acquittal of Lonnie Jones.